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Templates for Software Development, Software Testing, Project Management, Proposals, RFP, White Papers and Case Studies. All templates are completely customizable, ready for immediate download and have a 60-day Money-Back Guarantee.
Acceptance Test Plan 21 page Word template outlines steps required to prepare an ATP $9.99
Acquisition Plan Capture acquisition of hardware, software, infrastructure and more $9.99
Action Plan Prepare goals, budget, schedule & actions. 14 MS Word & 7 Excel $7.99
Audience Analysis Create target audience profile. 30 pg MS Word/Excel $9.99
Availability Plan Document hardware and software aspects of available solution $7.99
Bill of Materials Identify materials used to build a product $7.99
Business Case 22 pg template includes Need, Process, Cost/Benefit Analysis $9.99
Business Continuity Checklists, forms and guidelines required for continuity $9.95
Business Plan Market Analysis, SWOT, Profit & Loss, Cashflow, Balance Sheet $9.99
Business Process Capture processes for technical & operations. Visio $9.99
Business Requirement Capture current and future needs of your business $9.99
Business Rules Define tasks, clarify actions and remove ambiguity $7.99
Capacity Plan Plan resources for functionality and performance of IT systems $9.99
Case Study 6 templates with tutorial, forms and case study checklist $9.99
Change Management Address changes incl. scope, schedule, budget & resources. $9.99
Communication Plan Identify writers, audience, topics, dates, delivery, issues etc $7.99
Concept of Operations Gather information needed to fund proposed system $9.99
Configuration Mgt Document how to configure software items $9.99
Concept Proposal Identify need/opportunity to realize goals or improve process $4.99
Conversion Plan Document how to convert data to/from system/hardware/software $9.99
Cost Benefit Analysis Analyze and evaluate potential solutions to meet needs $7.99
Database Design Free Data Model. Map data model to database $4.99
Data Sheet Encourage readers to learn more about your product $9.99
Design Document Design an application based on the SRS $9.99
Deployment Plan Document how to implement solution into production environment $9.99
Disaster Recovery 32 page plan with Impact Analysis, Damage Assessment & Report $9.99
Disposition Plan Explain how to dispose of an IT system correctly $7.99
Documentation Plan Plan, schedule, & budget your technical documents $3.99
Employee Handbook 100 samples pages incl Employment, Benefits, Payroll, Harassment, Disciplinary, Policies and Safety $9.99
Error Messages Guide Shows users how to resolve error messages $4.99
Expression of Interest Starting point in procurement process and identifying bidders $3
Fact Sheet Overview of product, program, issue, event or topic $4.99
Feasibility Study Determine economic potential and compare against other projects $9.99
Functional Requirements Capture functional requirements and perform task analysis $9.99
Grant Proposal Outline Statement of Need, Goals, Budget, Evaluation, and Metrics. Free Cover Sheet, Cover Letter & Forms $9.99
Implementation Plan Helps deploy, install and transition IT systems $9.99
Installation Plan How to prepare, train, install, and convert systems $9.99
Interface Control Document Document relationship/protocols between components $4.99
Invitation To Tender Free EOI, Clarifications & Vendor Assessment s/sheets $14.99
Maintenance Plan Detail change control, configuration, testing & issues $9.99
Market Research Identify goals, targets, data collection, analysis, and report $9.99
Marketing Plan Deliver a blueprint for marketing success $9.99
Needs Statement Describe business need or deficiency, solutions, and costs $7.99
Operations Guide Tables, charts, and matrices for monitoring, backups, scheduling $9.99
Policy Manual Sample policies, checklists, templates and spreadsheets $9.99
Project Plan Includes Work Breakdown Structure spreadsheets $9.99
Proposal Forms 25 Excel & Word logs, forms, checklists, and templates $9.99
Proposal Template Template to write business proposal or respond to RFP $19
Release Notes Includes New Features, Issues, Hotfixes, Limitations etc $9.99
Request for Proposal Includes sample formats for Bidders and Suppliers $14.99
Risk Management Plan Identify, evaluate and prioritize risks $9.99
Scope of Work Word Template (20 pgs), 2 Excel, WBS and Risk Log $9.99
Security Plan Guidelines to establish system security & privacy requirements $9.99
System Design Doc Transform requirements and functional design into specs $9.99
Service Level Agrmnt Define Scope, Financials, Reporting, SLA and Costs $9.99
Setup Guide Help customers install software successfully $7.99
Social Media Policy Policy documents for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Blogs and more $9.99
Software Development Templates 30 templates (500 pages) of SDLC templates including ATP, Config Mgt, Design Doc, Feasibility Study, SRS; Installation, Maintenance, Project, Test, Transition Plans and more $197.99
Software Requirements Capture scope, objectives, functional requirements $9.99
Software Testing 50 Word + 27 Excel templates Includes Test Plan, Logs, Forms, Reports, Test Case, Script, Report $49.99
Standard Operating Procedures Includes SOP templates, Guidebook, Log Book, Document Control, Clarifications and spreadsheets $9.99
Statement of Work Describe deliverables or services to fulfill contract $9.99
System Admin Guide Helps System Admins deploy, support, and maintain applications $7.99
System Boundary Identify, clarify, agree boundaries of IT project $7.99
System Specifications Identify specifications and interfaces to other systems $9.99
Test Plan Define approach to development, integration, qualification, and acceptance testing $9.99
Technical Writing 15 templates helps write technical documents faster $49.99
Training Plan 18 page MS Word and 14 Word/Excel forms, checklists, questionnaires, and spreadsheets $9.99
Transition Plan Outline tasks required to transition products $9.99
Troubleshooting Guide Help users detect & correct problems with software $4.99
Verification & Validation Use this to confirm that software meets user requirements $4.99
Use Case 29-page tutorial, Data Dictionary & 9 Visio templates. $4.99
User Guide Templates 4 User Guide templates with free checklist and forms $9.99
White Papers 5 MS Word templates with tutorial on how to write white papers $9.99
Work Instruction Includes How to Write Work Instructions Tutorial $7.99






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