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AthTek NetWalk is a comprehensive network monitoring tool which can be used as intrusion detection system (NIDS) for business networking. It captures packets and achieves high performance in packet sniffing.

How to deploy NetWalk to my network?

AthTek NetWalk can be use on almost all network types.
View how to deploy from our FAQs.

Monitor Hub

The best choice to gain visibility on a switched network is to insert a hub to all the connections. AthTek NetWalk will monitor the traffic through the public port on hub, so that all the communications throughout the network is available and visible in AthTek NetWalk.

Monitor Tap

Normally it has three ports on it. Usually the port-1 will be attached to Protected Switch; the port-2 will be attached to Firewall. AthTek NetWalk will attach to the port-3 to monitor all the traffic data throughout your network, so you can know everything about the Tap network.

Monitor Mirror Ports

Most switches support mirror port, AthTek NetWalk can help with your network monitoring too by using the mirror port. First you need to configure the mirror port on the switch, and then connect AthTek NetWalk to this mirror port. This kind of mirror network monitoring works like the Tap network, but it will not break the full duplex nature.

Monitor Network Flow


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