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Wouldn't it be nice if dating Russian women wasn't so difficult?

  • What if you could spend less time feeling stressed and frustrated...
  • What if you could spend less time (and money) translating...
  • What if you could spend more time having fun, laughing, enjoying great conversations...
  • and experiencing the amazing love, passion and desire of a gorgeous Russian woman who is madly in love with you?

All of this (and more) is possible for you right now...

In this Russian Course for Lovers you will discover the Russian "love language". With this knowledge, you will enjoy unimaginable success with Russian women...

You will be able to avoid all of the painful struggles that most men experience... You will become so in tune with Russian women that you will be like a magnet to them, enjoying the attention and desire of countless gorgeous women... and You will be able to sit back and enjoy the incredible love and desire of the Russian woman of your dreams.

Your Russian Woman is Ready... Are You?

No matter why you decided to try Russian dating, I'm sure you already know that you’ve made a great choice. If you'd like to be with a woman who is beautiful... intelligent... loving... and passionate... then a Russian woman will make you very happy.

Think about this for a moment…

How would you feel, right now, if you were sitting down, side-by-side, arm-in-arm, with the woman of your dreams? Would you be smiling? Laughing? Ridiculously happy?

Can you feel her there next to you… smiling, squeezing your hand, kissing you softly on the cheek…

Well, if this isn’t the reality of your life right now, don’t worry. It can be very soon.

What is Your Experience so far?

I don’t know how much experience you’ve had with Russian women. It’s different for everyone. Are you new to Russian dating? Or have you been trying for a while?

As you already know, it’s very easy to meet Russian women. There are lots of dating agencies that do a good job of helping introduce you to thousands of potential partners.

Unfortunately, most of these agencies aren't quite so good at helping you succeed with these women. They make their money by translating letters and phone calls, so the more translating they do, the better for them.

And while this translation is a fantastic service (and very important early on in your relationship), if you rely on this alone, it will ultimately make it very difficult for you to succeed with a Russian woman.

The Biggest Challenge in Russian Relationships...

Without doubt, the biggest challenge you face in your relationship with a Russian woman is...


Yes, communication is by far the single biggest reason why most attempts at love with a Russian woman fail. Everything else will fall into place eventually, but if you can't communicate well with the woman you're interested in, you are facing an uphill battle.

While most of us would like to survive on the old saying that 'the language of love is universal'... the reality of dating someone who speaks another language is that it is a huge challenge.

Not only do you need to understand the actual words being spoken, but you've also got to take into account the intended meaning - literal or otherwise!

On top of that, if you're corresponding over the telephone, it's even more difficult due to the fact that you cannot see the other person's facial expressions and gestures.

For most men, dating Russian women involves endless frustrating and painful challenges...

bulletRelying on a translator to talk to the woman you are interested in.

bulletTravelling all the way to Russia or Ukraine to meet the women you have corresponded with, only to find you cannot communicate with each other at all!

bulletNot knowing what she is talking about, or what she is thinking.

bulletNot knowing whether the translator is getting the message across properly or not.

bulletNot knowing what to say at crucial moments in your relationship.

bulletBeing embarrassed to ask your Russian translator (or teacher) how to say private and intimate things to your Russian girlfriend.

bulletStaring at each other blankly (again), and getting tired of saying "Sorry I don't understand!"


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