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Master the Art of Picking Locks!

With my detailed videos, color diagrams, and clear explanations on how to pick a lock, you will dominate every lock you encounter!

In this straight-to-the-point guide to lock picking, you'll have access to the trade secrets that have been kept from non-professionals for years.

Inside the members-only area you'll discover:

  • The basic principles of how locks work
  • How a basic pin tumbler lock works
  • How to pick a pin tumbler lock using traditional picks, raking and scrubbing
  • How lever locks work
  • How to pick a high security lever lock
  • How to pick padlocks (combination, lever, pin tumbler)
  • How bump keys work
  • Where to legally buy bump keys
  • How tubular locks work
  • How to pick tubular locks
  • How to pick car locks
  • How to open cars without keys (bypass techniques)
  • How skeleton keys work
  • Where to legally buy lock pick tools (no questions asked)
  • Plus lots more...

All of this is explained in well-organized sections, each with color photos, diagrams, and videos.

Never look at a lock the same way, as you will now be in complete control!

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