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I know your time is precious, so I will get straight to the point…. This is definitely not your normal meditation site

If you are looking for prehistoric binaural beats, a guy plucking his single guitar string for an hour pretending to play a sitar, or some music that sounds like it has been produced on a 1980′s gardening show, then move on… This site will give you something VERY different. Something extremely POWERFUL…

This is not like some of those other meditation or brainwave entrainment sites out there where you have to spend months of practice to get any effect…. My users experience results after a couple of sessions…

I listened to your free sample, I had not slept that well in a few weeks and I woke refreshed; actually was surprised to feel that way; it had been so long
Connie Shoemaker, Member

Many Research Papers Have Shown That Meditation Can:

  • Dramatically reduce stress and build an unshakable lifelong resistance to it. The damaging emotional and physical problems associated with stress may never be a problem again.
  • Increase your mind power by switching on “hidden” receptors in your brain – those shut off due to years of external noise and stress and even stress inducing signals from the T.V and radio, negative thinking and poor education
  • Help with feeling low, being overwhelmed and with anxiety. You may  break free from phobias and behavioral problems such as ADHD, OCD, overeating, smoking, drugs and alcohol abuse.
  • Welcome the feeling of deep relaxation, long lasting happiness, peace and joy.
“hi there just wanted to share something with you – i have a 7 month old son who absolutely refuses to sleep well at night … finally i tried putting some of your music on , whilst he was in a drowsy state … believe it or not – he had the best night sleep ever ! – coincedence , maybe , but then we tried it for 4 nights continously and every night it worked. guys there may be something in this. Not only does he sleep much better when we play this but hes very alert and happy the next day ! thank you”
Dr R Singh

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