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Uncover the SMALL difference between the wrong & right parts to save hundreds!

Learn how to prevent and avoid costly, time consuming crashes that are no fun!

Recognize which kinds of foam, glue, and tape are best for your model and you!

...and much more!

Discover the secrets that have turned newbies into skilled pilots in just days!

Complete Module List:

01) How This Course Works

02) RTF vs. Scratchbuilt

03) What to buy RTF

04) Radio Transmitter

05) The Importance of the Prop

06) Motor and Speed Controller

07) Batteries and Chargers

08) Plug in and Troubleshoot

09) Servos

10) How "Plans" Work

11) Build Foam

12) Carbon Supports

13) Build Tape

14) Build/Repair Glue

15) Motor Mount

16) Pushrods and Control Horns

17) Foam Safe Paint

18) Electronics Installation

19) Control Check

20) Center of Gravity

21) Trim, Dual Rates & Expo


22) Flight Simulators

23) First Flight

24) 5 Minute Field Repair Kit

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