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I have to warn you�

From the moment you arrive in Cancun, until the moment you leave, every person whose path you cross, wants one thing� Your money. And trust me, they will get it if you're not prepared.

They take advantage of people just like you everyday. These guys are experts at separating you from your money. We all underestimate them and it is a critical mistake.

This one of a kind book prepares you� Educates you� And saves you tons of money.

This is why, if you are coming to Cancun on vacation, you must read every word of this letter. Don't be another naive victim of the 揅ancun Connection�.

Inside, I reveal dozens of secrets "they" do not want you to know. I shine a spotlight on things like�

The only way to get from the airport to your hotel for about $5 per person. Forget the $45/person shuttles and $60 cab rides. This ONE tip covers your entire investment in this guide! How to save hundreds on tours, excursions and souvenirs. This alone is worth the investment in the guide
How I stayed in a water front hotel for $40 a day� and you can too� And I enjoyed dirt cheap drinks at the tiki bar
The one question you MUST ask before you ever get into a cab. (I was actually threatened for publishing this)
5 restaurants with delicious food where you can eat on the water for about $5-6 per person (And yes, they are in the Hotel Zone)
The rental car "secret" Expedia won't tell you that will double your bill. And what to do about it.
And that is only a fraction of what is inside this 56 page "insider's guide" to Cancun

From: Juan Doe

Location: The Beaches of Cancun, Mexico

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