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Hi, this is Jon Hansen, and I've lived in Thailand for the last five years, and they have been interesting years to say the least. 

I've seen many Western men fall in love with Thai bar girls because they are not 'emotionally prepared' before going on vacation. They arrive in Thailand for the first time and are blown away because of attractive, fascinating girls treating them like movie stars and billionaires. 

Many Western men stay in contact with these girls after they return home and are getting caught up in a game which they will finally, irrevocably lose.  They will walk away heartbroken, poorer, dazed, and confused.

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Kyoto Guidebook

This is one of the best travel books I've read. Every page has well labeled full color pictures to complement the text. The information in the book is clear and easy to read. There are listings and descriptions for different levels of hotels and restaurants in Kyoto, and general travel tips. There is cross-referencing everywhere, for example a page that's describing a major attraction will tell you where to go in the book to find hotels in that area. By far, the best thing about this book was the information about transportation and transfers from airport to the city and back. In Chapter 5, I really enjoyed having some background on Kyoto people and their history.

Communication with Yasu was a pleasure, he surely knows every part of Kyoto and helps passionately and promptly"

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