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Dear Friend,

Are you finding yourself using drugs or alcohol on a consistent basis?

Have people told you that you have a problem with substance abuse?

Are you noticing that you are going to extreme lengths to get your hands on drugs or alcohol?

Are other aspects of your life such as relationships, work or school becoming negatively affected by your substance abuse?

Do you experience physical or mental pain when you are not using drugs or alcohol?

Do you tend to become irritated when you cannot get access to drugs or alcohol?

Are you ashamed of your desires for the feelings that arise when you use drugs or alcohol?

If you have answered yes to one or more of any of these questions, you have a problem with substance abuse and should contact a doctor or counseling agency for help immediately; but aside from doing that, there are also some other steps that you should take to ensure that you experience a healthy recovery.

Perhaps you may have been dealing with a substance abuse problem for quite some time or maybe you are just beginning to realize that you have a problem. In either case it’s important to realize that alcohol/drug addiction is a disease.

In the past, it was assumed that a person who has problems with these addictions simply made poor decisions, was irresponsible, weak or didn’t have good values.

In Recent Years However, It Has Been Determined That While People Suffering From Addiction May Or May Not Showcase These Characteristics, They Are In Fact Suffering From A Disease That Has Taken Over Their Body

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