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About Epinoisis Software

Epinoisis Software, was founded in October of 1999 to develop and market innovative software products that enhance individual creativity in the area of sound, music and computer graphics.

Digital Ear, the world's most accurate audio (.wav) to MIDI conversion software, is Epinoisis' flagship product. Digital Ear has earned the global endorsement of music professionals.

   Epinoisis also publishes Magic Flare , Kibisis, Sitebeans, Chamel eon, Flash Photo Show and Flash Menu Factory providing web designers valuable tools for their work.

        We are looking forward developing new solutions for you. If you have an idea about a future product, just drop us a line.

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Ringtone Maker - Create Ringtone Software

STOP Paying $1 per 15 Second Ringtone!
Easily Make Your Own RingTone For FREE
In 3 Steps Make Unlimited Custom Ringtones
Make Ringtones from your Favorite Tube videos with our built in downloader! Download your favorite Tube Video, edit, cut and convert it to a Ringtone!

  • Make Ringtones from your MP3 collection
    Make Ringtones from YouTube Videos
    Make Ringtones from WAV files
    Make Ringtones from MP4 files
    Make Ringtones from FLV files
  • Drag n Drop Ringtones into your iTunes 9.1 for your iPhone!
  • Import your MP3 Ringtones into your Blackberry, Droid or MP3 enabled Smartphone.
  • Easily edit Audio files to create custom Ringtones using the built in Editor.
  • Ringone Maker Soft works on any PC running Windows XP or Better!

Yes! I want to download my copy of Ringtone
Maker to create my own Ringtones!!

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